Friday, January 7, 2011


No, I am still in hiatus in regards to blogging however, I received something in an email this evening that I thought many of you would like to see.

I'm essentially going to send you to two addresses, since I think you might like to bookmark both of them. The first address will lead you to a second, which will then address an article that is going to be published in the New York Times about Mac and his online legacy.

Here is the first address. Click on the macbots link.

Once in, bookmark that blog you're in for a looksee someday and then click on the highlighted link in the only paragraph called POST-MAC-BLUES.

When it opens, it will then be self explanatory and provide the link you'll need in order to read the New York Times article now, which will not be published in the paper until January 9th.

On another note, I am working now. I got a Job at Marshalls. Nothing earth shattering $$ wise but at least I'm working. As well as working for them, I invested in a WordPerfect for DOS and will soon be typing Court reports (at home of all things) for an attorney service. It's a pay for page kind of thing so that means I'll be typing my fingers to the bones in order to make ends meet while I continue working for Marshalls.

What's really killing me are the gas prices. I'm having to drive 45 minutes to and from work each day. Our gas here in Cook County, IL is currently $3.39 a gallon. Ouch! I swear, I think I'm working for the petroleum companies sometimes. lol

Anyway, please read the New York Times article. It's very, very interesting and I am ecstatic that they used Mac as their example for that article. It's quite a few pages long but a very good read about what happens to our online work if we suddenly die such as Mac did at 34 years old.

Eileen (aka: Atrueoriginall)